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Index Entry  Section

AddLegend: Legend
AddLight: Lighting
AddTick: Ticks
Adjust: Ticks
alpha: Command options
Alpha: Transparency
alphadef: Command options
AlphaDef: Transparency
Ambient: Lighting
Area: 1D plotting
Arrows: Line styles
ArrowSize: Default sizes
ask: Program flow commands
Aspect: Subplots and rotation
AutoCorrel: Make another data
Axial: 2D plotting
Axis: Curved coordinates
Axis: Axis and Colorbar
AxisStl: Ticks

Ball: Primitives
Barh: 1D plotting
Bars: 1D plotting
BarWidth: Default sizes
Beam: 3D plotting
Belt: 2D plotting
Box: Axis and Colorbar
BoxPlot: 1D plotting
Boxs: 2D plotting

call: Program flow commands
Candle: 1D plotting
Chart: 1D plotting
chdir: Program flow commands
Clean: Data resizing
ClearLegend: Legend
Clf: Background
CloseGIF: Frames/Animation
Cloud: 3D plotting
Color scheme: Color scheme
Colorbar: Axis and Colorbar
Column: Make another data
ColumnPlot: Subplots and rotation
Combine: Parallelization
Combine: Make another data
Cone: Primitives
Cones: 1D plotting
Cont: 2D plotting
Cont3: 3D plotting
ContD: 2D plotting
ContF: 2D plotting
ContF3: 3D plotting
ContFXYZ: Other plotting
ContXYZ: Other plotting
CopyFont: Font settings
Correl: Make another data
CosFFT: Data changing
CRange: Ranges (bounding box)
Create: Data resizing
Crop: Data resizing
Crust: Other plotting
CTick: Ticks
CumSum: Data changing
Curve: Primitives
cut: Command options
Cut: Cutting
CutOff: Cutting

DataGrid: Data manipulation
defchr: Program flow commands
define: Program flow commands
defnum: Program flow commands
Delete: Data resizing
Dens: 2D plotting
Dens3: 3D plotting
DensXYZ: Other plotting
Dew: Vector fields
Diff: Data changing
Diff2: Data changing
Dots: Other plotting
Drop: Primitives

else: Program flow commands
elseif: Program flow commands
EndFrame: Frames/Animation
endif: Program flow commands
Envelop: Data changing
Error: Primitives
Error: 1D plotting
Evaluate: Make another data
Export: File I/O
Extend: Data resizing

Face: Primitives
FaceX: Primitives
FaceY: Primitives
FaceZ: Primitives
Fall: 2D plotting
fgets: Text printing
Fill: Data manipulation
Fill: Data filling
Find: Data information
FindAny: Data information
Fit: Nonlinear fitting
Fit2: Nonlinear fitting
Fit3: Nonlinear fitting
FitS: Nonlinear fitting
Flow: Vector fields
FlowP: Vector fields
Fl_MathGL: Widget classes
Fl_MathGL: Fl_MathGL class
Fog: Fog
Font: Font settings
Font styles: Font styles
fontsize: Command options
for: Program flow commands
FPlot: Other plotting
FSurf: Other plotting
func: Program flow commands

GetNumFrame: Frames/Animation
GetNx: Data information
GetNy: Data information
GetNz: Data information
GetWarn: Error handling
Glyph: Primitives
Grad: 2D plotting
Grid: Axis and Colorbar
Grid: 2D plotting
Grid3: 3D plotting

Hankel: Data changing
Hist: Data manipulation
Hist: Make another data

if: Program flow commands
Import: File I/O
InPlot: Subplots and rotation
Insert: Data resizing
Integral: Data changing

Join: Data resizing

Label: Text printing
Label: Axis and Colorbar
Label: 1D plotting
Last: Data information
legend: Command options
Legend: Legend
Light: Lighting
Line: Primitives
Line style: Line styles
Linear: Interpolation
Linear1: Interpolation
Linear1: Interpolation
List: Data filling
load: Program flow commands
LoadBackground: Background
LoadFont: Font settings

Map: Dual plotting
Mark: Primitives
Mark: 1D plotting
Mark style: Line styles
MarkSize: Default sizes
MathGL overview: Overview
MathGL setup: Graphics setup
Max: Make another data
Maximal: Data information
Mesh: 2D plotting
meshnum: Command options
MeshNum: Default sizes
Message: Error handling
mglColor: mglColor class
mglData: Data constructor
mglDraw: mglDraw class
mglExpr: Evaluate expression
mglExprC: Evaluate expression
mglFitPnts: Nonlinear fitting
mglGLUT: Widget classes
mglGraph: MathGL core
mglParse: mglParse class
mglPoint: mglPoint class
mglWnd: Widget classes
mglWnd: mglWnd class
Min: Make another data
Minimal: Data information
Mirror: Data changing
Modify: Data filling
Momentum: Make another data
Momentum: Data information
MPI_Recv: Parallelization
MPI_Send: Parallelization
MultiPlot: Subplots and rotation

NeedStop: Stop drawing
NewFrame: Frames/Animation
next: Program flow commands
Norm: Data changing
NormSl: Data changing

once: Program flow commands
Origin: Ranges (bounding box)

Palette: Palette and colors
Perspective: Subplots and rotation
Pipe: Vector fields
Plot: 1D plotting
Pop: Subplots and rotation
PrintInfo: Data information
Push: Subplots and rotation
Puts: Text printing
PutsFit: Nonlinear fitting
Putsw: Text printing

QMathGL: Widget classes
QMathGL: QMathGL class
QuadPlot: Other plotting

Radar: 1D plotting
Ranges: Ranges (bounding box)
Rasterize: Background
Read: File I/O
ReadAll: File I/O
ReadHDF: File I/O
ReadMat: File I/O
ReadRange: File I/O
Rearrange: Data resizing
Refill: Data filling
Region: 1D plotting
ResetFrames: Frames/Animation
Resize: Make another data
RestoreFont: Font settings
return: Program flow commands
rkstep: Program flow commands
Roll: Data changing
Roots: Make another data
Rotate: Subplots and rotation
RotateN: Subplots and rotation
RotateText: Font settings

Save: File I/O
SaveHDF: File I/O
Set: Data filling
SetAlphaDef: Transparency
SetAmbient: Lighting
SetArrowSize: Default sizes
SetAxisStl: Ticks
SetBarWidth: Default sizes
SetCoor: Curved coordinates
SetCut: Cutting
SetCutBox: Cutting
SetEventFunc: Stop drawing
SetFontDef: Font settings
SetFontSize: Font settings
SetFontSizeCM: Font settings
SetFontSizeIN: Font settings
SetFontSizePT: Font settings
SetFunc: Curved coordinates
SetLegendBox: Legend
SetLegendMarks: Legend
SetMarkSize: Default sizes
SetMask: Masks
SetMaskAngle: Masks
SetMeshNum: Default sizes
SetOrigin: Ranges (bounding box)
SetOriginTick: Ticks
SetPalette: Palette and colors
SetPlotId: Default sizes
SetRange: Ranges (bounding box)
SetRanges: Ranges (bounding box)
SetRotatedText: Font settings
SetSize: Export picture
SetTickLen: Ticks
SetTickRotate: Ticks
SetTicks: Ticks
SetTickSkip: Ticks
SetTicksVal: Ticks
SetTickTempl: Ticks
SetTickTime: Ticks
SetTranspType: Transparency
SetTuneTicks: Ticks
SetWarn: Error handling
Sew: Data changing
ShowImage: Export to file
SinFFT: Data changing
Smooth: Data changing
Sort: Data resizing
Sphere: Primitives
Spline: Interpolation
Spline1: Interpolation
Spline1: Interpolation
Squeeze: Data resizing
StartGIF: Frames/Animation
Stem: 1D plotting
Step: 1D plotting
STFA: Dual plotting
StickPlot: Subplots and rotation
Stop: Stop drawing
stop: Program flow commands
SubData: Make another data
SubPlot: Subplots and rotation
Sum: Make another data
Surf: 2D plotting
Surf3: 3D plotting
Surf3A: Dual plotting
Surf3C: Dual plotting
SurfA: Dual plotting
SurfC: Dual plotting
Swap: Data changing

Tape: 1D plotting
Tens: 1D plotting
Ternary: Curved coordinates
Text: Text printing
TextMark: 1D plotting
Textual formulas: Textual formulas
TickLen: Ticks
Tile: 2D plotting
TileS: Dual plotting
Title: Subplots and rotation
Torus: 1D plotting
Trace: Make another data
Traj: Vector fields
Transpose: Data resizing
TranspType: Transparency
TriCont: Other plotting
TriPlot: Other plotting
Tube: 1D plotting

value: Command options
Var: Data filling
variant: Program flow commands
Vect: Vector fields
View: Subplots and rotation

widgets: Using MathGL window
widgets: Widget classes
widgets: Fl_MathGL class
widgets: QMathGL class
widgets: wxMathGL class
window: Using MathGL window
window: Widget classes
window: mglWnd class
Write: Export to file
WriteBMP: Export to file
WriteBPS: Export to file
WriteEPS: Export to file
WriteFrame: Export to file
WriteGIF: Export to file
WriteJPEG: Export to file
WriteOBJ: Export to file
WritePNG: Export to file
WritePRC: Export to file
WriteSVG: Export to file
WriteTEX: Export to file
WriteTGA: Export to file
WriteWGL: Export to file
wxMathGL: wxMathGL class

xrange: Command options
XRange: Ranges (bounding box)
XTick: Ticks

yrange: Command options
YRange: Ranges (bounding box)
YTick: Ticks

zrange: Command options
ZRange: Ranges (bounding box)
ZTick: Ticks

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