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3.6.12 Cont sample

Function cont draw contour lines for surface. You can select automatic (default) or manual levels for contours, print contour labels, draw it on the surface (default) or at plane (as Dens). The sample code is:

int sample(mglGraph *gr)
  mglData a,v(5); mgls_prepare2d(&a); v.a[0]=-0.5;  v.a[1]=-0.15; v.a[2]=0; v.a[3]=0.15;  v.a[4]=0.5;
  gr->SubPlot(2,2,0); gr->Title("Cont plot (default)");
  gr->Rotate(50,60);  gr->Box();  gr->Cont(a);

  gr->SubPlot(2,2,1); gr->Title("manual levels");
  gr->Rotate(50,60);  gr->Box();  gr->Cont(v,a);

  gr->SubPlot(2,2,2); gr->Title("'\\_' style");
  gr->Rotate(50,60);  gr->Box();  gr->Cont(a,"_");

  gr->SubPlot(2,2,3,"");  gr->Title("'t' style");
  gr->Box();  gr->Cont(a,"t");
  return 0;

Example of Cont()