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3.9.2 Transparency and lighting

Here I want to show how transparency and lighting both and separately change the look of a surface. So, there is code and picture for that:

int sample(mglGraph *gr)
  mglData a;  mgls_prepare2d(&a);
  gr->SubPlot(2,2,0); gr->Title("default"); gr->Rotate(50,60);
  gr->Box();  gr->Surf(a);

  gr->SubPlot(2,2,1); gr->Title("light on");  gr->Rotate(50,60);
  gr->Box();  gr->Light(true);  gr->Surf(a);

  gr->SubPlot(2,2,3); gr->Title("alpha on; light on");  gr->Rotate(50,60);
  gr->Box();  gr->Alpha(true);  gr->Surf(a);

  gr->SubPlot(2,2,2); gr->Title("alpha on");  gr->Rotate(50,60);
  gr->Box();  gr->Light(false); gr->Surf(a);
  return 0;

Example of transparency and lightings