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2.3 Installation

MathGL can be installed in 4 different ways.

  1. Compile from sources. The cmake build system is useded in the library. To run it, one should execute commands: cmake . twice, after it make and make install with root/sudo rights. Sometimes after installation you may need to update the library list – just execute ldconfig with root/sudo rights.

    There are several additional options which are switched off by default. They are: enable-fltk, enable-glut, enable-qt4, enable-qt5 for ebabling FLTK, GLUT and/or Qt windows; enable-jpeg, enable-gif, enable-hdf5 and so on for enabling corresponding file formats; enable-all for enabling all additional features. For using double as base internal data type use option enable-double. For enabling language interfaces use enable-python, enable-octave or enable-all-swig for all languages. You can use WYSIWYG tool (cmake-gui) to view all of them, or type cmake -D enable-all=on -D enable-all-widgets=on -D enable-all-swig=on . in command line for enabling all features.

    There is known bug for building in MinGW – you need to manually add linker option -fopenmp (i.e. CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS:STRING='-fopenmp' and CMAKE_SHARED_LINKER_FLAGS:STRING='-fopenmp') if you enable OpenMP support (i.e. if enable-openmp=ON).

  2. Use a precompiled binary. There are binaries for MinGW (platform Win32). For a precompiled variant one needs only to unpack the archive to the location of the compiler (i.e. mathgl/lib in mingw/lib, mathgl/include in mingw/include and so on) or in arbitrary other folder and setup paths in compiler. By default, precompiled versions include the support of GSL ( and PNG. So, one needs to have these libraries installed on system (it can be found, for example, at
  3. Install precompiled versions from standard packages (RPM, deb, DevPak and so on).

Note, you can download the latest sources (which can be not stable) from SVN by command

svn checkout mathgl-code

IMPORTANT! MathGL use a set of defines, which were determined at configure stage and may differ if used with non-default compiler (like using MathGL binaries compiled by MinGW in VisualStudio). There are MGL_SYS_NAN, MGL_HAVE_TYPEOF, MGL_HAVE_PTHREAD, MGL_HAVE_ATTRIBUTE, MGL_HAVE_C99_COMPLEX, MGL_HAVE_RVAL. I specially set them to 0 for Borland and Microsoft compilers due to compatibility reasons. Also default setting are good for GNU (gcc, mingw) and clang compilers. However, for another compiler you may need to manually set this defines to 0 in file include/mgl2/config.h if you are using precompiled binaries.

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